A Word Of Thanks

Thank you to the Care & Share Team (and Sharon LeValley delivering it) for the casserole we received upon the passing of John’s mom, Dottie McComb. All of the family (minus2 sisters) attended the funeral…she will be missed by all! Thank you again for your thoughts and generosity. And to Pastor Andy for his call and prayers.
Cammy and John McComb
Dear Care and Share, Thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent while I was recuperating from my recent surgery and rehab. They were a breath of spring air and I enjoyed them so much. I am now back home and doing rehab on an outpatient basis.
It was so thoughtful of you to remember me.
Linda Fair
Thank you for being a part of the celebration of my 90th birthday. As I was surrounded by so many of my family and by my Church family, I remembered the words of a gospel song we sang in North Star, the country church I attended as a child, “Joy Bells, ringing in your heart.” Your many expressions of love, good wishes and warm hugs, have those Joy Bells still ringing today. I am blessed. May God bless you. Oraleen Urban
To the High School and Middle School Sunday School class,
Thank you for the nice card.
Bob Dickson
Care and Share Methodist Church Thank you for the lovely bouquet of flowers that FINALLY caught up with me after my little session in Wesley Hospital. The Care and Share Team is such a lovely and caring part of our church. Marlene Flickinger
Dear FUMC,
Thank you for allowing Patrick and I to use the church on the day of our wedding. It was such a joy to walk down the aisle in the church I grew up in. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers….you all are such a blessing in our lives. Thank you! Megan and Patrick Curl
Thank you so much for your love expressed! You all are so amazing and have been a jot to get to know and meet! Yes, I want to thank you for all your love and help with the choir, but most importantly I want to thank you for the light you have been in my life. Many of your members have become my friends and have help me along the way with my walk with Christ. Thank you! Be Blessed! Prayers for You! Love and Blessings, Jessica Colewell