C.O.M.E. Team
We have a ministry team known as the C.O.M.E. Team. It stands for connections, outreach, missions, and evangelism. Contact the church office to sign up to be part of this team.

C.O.M.E. Team

Mission Trips:
Every year we alternate between a youth mission trip and an all-church mission trip. This year the youth are going to Colorado Springs to minister to the homeless.
About 70 grade school aged children gather here after school every Wednesday during the school year for snacks, singing, games, crafts, skits–and most of all, to learn more about the Christ who loves them and how to grow in His image.
Wednesday Night Community Meals:
Every Wednesday, right after KCC, the community gathers for a hot meal and fun family time together. Each person donates what they choose– to pay it forward to fund the next meal, to pay for those who cannot donate, and to support several missions and outreaches of this church. (Check out the page on this website to find out what missions are supported by the proceeds!)
Annual Fundraisers:
There are several special events throughout the year to give support.
Ministry to the Incarcerated and the Marginalized and their Families:
Several in our church are actively involved in Kairos, Kairos on the Outside, and Working Men of Christ.