A Word Of Thanks

Dear Church Family,
Thank you for so graciously supporting my academic dreams.
The scholarships I have received have greatly contributed to my goal of being a teacher.
Your prayers and encouragement continue to help me grow, not
only academically, but spiritually. The blessings you bestow upon me, I
hope to bestow upon others,
Thank you! Love, Megan Campbell
Dear Church Family,
Thank you for awarding me the Anderson-Baird Scholarship. This means so
much to me and will help greatly with my college expenses.
Brock Edwards

Dear WFUMC Care and Share,
Thank you so much for thinking of me after my accident and sending me the
balloons and candy. It made me smile! I’m doing awesome; I had a perfect
MRI and I’m back to being my silly self! Thanks again.
Love, Miller Renn
Dear Church Family,
I greatly appreciate being a recipient of the Helen Voran Scholarship.
This helps tremendously financially. Thank you for encouraging me,
supporting me, and praying for me throughout the years. I have always
felt your love while I have been away at school.
Thank you, McKenna Oathou
The Wellington Community Food Bank sends sincere thanks for your
generous donation. Your contribution will help many in our
Community. Susan Musson Director
Dear FUMC Scholarship Committee,
Thank you all so much for selecting me for a scholarship from the Helen Voran Scholarship.
I am very thankful for this, in that it will help me further my education and pursue my educational goals.
Thank you,
Skyler Struble
Care and Share Ministry,
Thank you for the cards and prayers. They really lifted my spirits.
Vic Nelson