A Word Of Thanks

Thank you to the prayer and share team for the beautiful flowers I
just received. So thoughtful on their part and much appreciated
by me. God bless. Perry Wiley
Dear Church Family,
I would like to thank you very much for the scholarship you awarded me which will
help immensely with my college finances. I would also like to thank you all very
much for your support and prayers as I begin this next chapter of my life. I will miss
youth group very much and will look forward to being back in church on my breaks!
Thanks again! Jared Oathout
A HUGE shout out to all who helped with Vacation Bible School!
First UMC is blessed with an awesome team of volunteers who are
passionate about sharing Jesus with children! We are truly thankful
for the gift of each person’s time and talents.
Station leaders: Megan Campbell, Cecily Jamison, Andy Hargrove,
Tessa Stewart, Alyssa Stewart, Matt Pryce, Ashley Ewing,
Katy Renn, Liz Aguilar, Vanessa Sawyer, Gabby Cramer, Axl Norris,
Grady Norris, Jagger Norris, Bonnie Crowe, Marsha Fraas, Gwen
Stalcup, Mary Meeker, Paulette Ewing, Sophia Parkey, Sullivan Parkey, Sawyer
Parkey, Anna Ewing, Taylor Earl, Junia Hargrove, Claire Norris.
Group Leaders: Delaney Parkey, Jacelyn Buck, Bill Stalcup, Susan Miller,
Christine Hargrove, Melissa Meeker, Ella Goodrum, Ashley Cashier, Cherity Elder,
Linda Conrady, Maddie Nance, Payton Ginter.
Lights and Sound: Brad Ewing and Garrett Huerter
Security: John Pattrick, Austin Renn, Ronnie Metzen, and Ross Norris.
Stage crew: Alan Campbell, Brandon Earl, Camden Parkey, Harold Parkey,
and John Pattrick.
I would like to thank my family for my surprise “80th” birthday
party. The cake they served at fellowship time was delicious.
The flowers were beautiful. To those who served orange
juice, coffee, and helped clean up thank you. I enjoyed every
telephone call, cards and birthday greetings. Thanks for your
thoughtfulness. God Bless, Jerry Reed

1st United Methodist Church, Thank you for your precious donation of
$38.05 May God bless you for thinking of us. Birthline of Wellington

I would like to thank the Care Ministry for the pretty flower arrangement they
sent me at the hospital on behalf of the church. It is very kind of everyone to
send cards as well. Thank you all for your prayers. Robert Escandon
Thank you for your generous donation to the Wellington
Crusader Choir. We appreciate that you have helped make
Carnegie Hall a reality.
The Wellington Crusader Choir and Mrs. Coldwell
Helen Pomeroy’s family appreciated all of the visits, cards and
prayers during Helen’s illness. We appreciate the lunch and the
people that prepared and served it. Helen had a special place in
her heart for the care and share team and her circle.
Thank you again. Helen Pomeroy Family