A Word Of Thanks

Thank you for your generous donation to the Wellington
Crusader Choir. We appreciate that you have helped make
Carnegie Hall a reality.
The Wellington Crusader Choir and Mrs. Coldwell
Helen Pomeroy’s family appreciated all of the visits, cards and
prayers during Helen’s illness. We appreciate the lunch and the
people that prepared and served it. Helen had a special place in
her heart for the care and share team and her circle.
Thank you again. Helen Pomeroy Family
Dear Church Family,
Thank you so much for awarding me a scholarship! I
am grateful to belong to such a supportive church.
Thank you for your continued prayers as I begin my college career!
Love, Annika DeJarnett
Dear Church Family
I am very honored to be a recipient of a scholarship. I will be attending
Emporia State University in the fall and will be majoring in nursing. This
scholarship will help me so much. Thank you for your support.
Sincerely, Jillian Wiley
Dear Church Family,
Thank you so much for the scholarship. I appreciate the support as I go off
to college. Being apart of this family has meant so much to me over the
years. I truly would not have the faith in Christ that I have without this
church. Thank you to everyone a part of my journey.
Thanks again, Kyla Hawks
Dear FUMC Scholarship Committee,
Thank you very much for selecting me to receive a very generous scholarship
for the coming school year. I look forward to starting my 2nd semester
of nursing school @ WSU in the fall. I greatly appreciate the prayers &
support from my church family.
Sincerely, Baylee DeJarnett
Thank you so much for the wonderful scholarship! I wanted to take some
time to appreciate it because it’s a huge help to me that really means a lot.
My loans will be minimal, and I owe that to the church!
Gratefully, Cat Green
Dear FUMC,
Thank you so much for choosing me as a scholarship recipient. I am so
thankful to be awarded the money to help with my college expenses.
Skyler Struble
Dear Church Family,
Thank you all so much for the prayers & financial
support for my summer plans in Jacksonville,
Florida! I would appreciate continued
prayers as I learn to be a disciple and spread the love of Jesus Christ.
Love, Baylee DeJarnett
Dear FUMC Congregation,
Thank you so much to all who donated to help send Baylee & I to
JAX summer training Program! We are both so thankful to be supported
both financially & through your prayers. We can’t wait to
see what God will do in Jacksonville this summer.
Thanks & God bless, Sklyer Struble
Thanks to all who participated in the basket fund raiser
for Great Plains Conference Missions. To those who
worked on the baskets, contributed money and items to
include in the baskets and those who bid on them,
thanks for making the project a success.
Jan Korte
I want to thank Gwen Stalcup and the little and bigger children who delivered
the God-themes Jellybean Cross and prayer. You are all so special.
Gloria and James Ryker
A big thank you to Nathan Metzen and the KCC children that delivered the
beautiful Easter card to Sherry and I. What a wonderful surprise from a
beautiful group of little ladies! Perry and Sherry Wiley
I wish to thank the KCC kids for Valentine and Easter visits.
I really appreciated their visits to my house.
They were such a blessing to me.
Dee Andrews
Four sweet KCC girls came by to wish me a Happy Easter. They presented
me with a lovely Jelly Bean Prayer complete with a cross formed with real
jelly beans. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you to their adult escort.
This is such a thoughtful gesture. God bless you all.
Dorothy Podschun
Dear KCC Friends, Thank you so much for your gift of the Jelly Bean Cross
and the wonderful Prayer for Easter. So sweet of you all to remember me.
Thank you Nathan Metzen for bringing the children by.
Sincerely, Carolyn Schwabauer