A Word Of Thanks

Thanks to all who participated in the basket fund raiser
for Great Plains Conference Missions. To those who
worked on the baskets, contributed money and items to
include in the baskets and those who bid on them,
thanks for making the project a success.
Jan Korte
I want to thank Gwen Stalcup and the little and bigger children who delivered
the God-themes Jellybean Cross and prayer. You are all so special.
Gloria and James Ryker
A big thank you to Nathan Metzen and the KCC children that delivered the
beautiful Easter card to Sherry and I. What a wonderful surprise from a
beautiful group of little ladies! Perry and Sherry Wiley
I wish to thank the KCC kids for Valentine and Easter visits.
I really appreciated their visits to my house.
They were such a blessing to me.
Dee Andrews
Four sweet KCC girls came by to wish me a Happy Easter. They presented
me with a lovely Jelly Bean Prayer complete with a cross formed with real
jelly beans. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you to their adult escort.
This is such a thoughtful gesture. God bless you all.
Dorothy Podschun
Dear KCC Friends, Thank you so much for your gift of the Jelly Bean Cross
and the wonderful Prayer for Easter. So sweet of you all to remember me.
Thank you Nathan Metzen for bringing the children by.
Sincerely, Carolyn Schwabauer
Dear First United Methodist Church, Thank you so much for partly paying for
church camp, Camp Horizon. I greatly appreciate it. I always love going. It’s
a great opportunity to be part of a camp that offers fellowship with friends. I
enjoy the experience of beautiful views and uplifting sermons camp offers. I
look forward to it every year. I’m glad some of the camp is paid for to give
everyone a chance to visit a wonderful camp as it is.
Thank you, Matt Pryce.
Dear KCC friends,
I was so touched by your gift of a jellybean
heart and the wonderful Jellybean Prayer. The
tears were “happy” tears. I enjoyed showing the Easter
eggs we have collected. Thank you, boys, for your visit
and thoughtfulness and to Kristin White, your driver.
Blessings, Oraleen Urban
Dear Crusader Kids,
Thank you so much for the Jellybean cross and prayer
and also to Mary Meeker for bringing them. Bonnie Cantrell
Crusader Kids,
Thank you for your Easter visit. I loved the Jellybean
Prayer the girls brought to me. Thanks Katy Renn for bring the girls by.
God Bless, Jerry Reed
Thank you so much to the young people of KCC that delivered the great
Easter prayer to me. Also to Mrs. Stalcup for being the “official” driver!
God Bless All, Don Rager
First United Methodist Church,
Your love, concerns, and prayers have kept me going. My cup truly “Runneth Over”.
God is watching over me. Thank you.
Blessings to all, Jerry Reed
To My Church Family,
I have so much to thank you for. My Valentine from KCC — cards when I was down and out.
I love all of you. Love, Hazel Oathout.
Thank you to Crusader girls and driver.
Appreciated the message. Bob Dickson
What a pleasant surprise to see four little girls from the Crusader Club. They sweetly wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day and presented me with a lovely hand crafted gift.
Many thanks for thinking of me. You made my day!
Ms. Dorothy Podschun
Kids Crusader Club (KCC)
We wish to thank the Crusader Kids for the valentine they made and delivered to us.
Thank you for thinking of us.
Richard and Vera Warren
I thoroughly enjoyed the group of boys from KCC that brought a nice colored
wall hanging with a Bible verse.
Thanks kids. Letha Saunders

Kids Crusader Club,
I enjoyed your visit at Valentine’s Day. Thanks to the boys who came. Thank you for the Valentine hanging. It was very pretty. Thanks to James Ginter who brought the boys. I am not at my apartment on Plum right now, but will be back in the near future. I had a fire at my apartment.
I’ll see you later. Thanks.
Love, God Bless, Jerry Reed
Dear Church Family,
I’ve appreciated all your prayers, love, concerns,
kind words at the time of my apartment fire.
Your cards, love gifts, phone calls, food and other kindnesses have kept me going.
I’m thankful for  Betty Gragg, my neighbor and me for our lives.
God was looking out for us.
I thank Pastor Phyllis for her concern and prayers.
My address is still on Plum Street. I will be going back there in the near future. My phone
is just a cell phone at present. Just ask me for my number or call the church office.
Thank you for everything. Each of you is special to me.
Love, Joy and Peace, Jerry Reed