Sermons and Worship Series

Explore the evidence for yourself through a faith-building 4-week series:
Facts don’t lie–but what real proof is there that Jesus came to earth, died and rose from the dead? Lee Strobel, an investigative journalist and once-avowed atheist, had this same question and decided to get to the bottom of it.  Come learn what he discovered during this special series each Sunday from Apr. 23-May 14. Whether you’re someone seeking truth, or if you’ve believed for a long time, this is your opportunity to examine the evidence. Come discover what you really believe – and why. Click on the picture to see the trailer for the new movie upon which this series is based.
“Follow Me”, shared Jan. 22, 2017
(13:55 min.)
*Following the sermon, there was a time of quiet prayer, reflection and response as the Casting Crown’s “Follow Me” was played. You are invited to click here to experience that music video on youtube, and pause for your own time of prayer, reflection and response to God’s call on your life. Blessings!
“Gifts of the Dark Wood”
“Seeing life through new eyes, recognizing that experiences of failure, emptiness, and uncertainty are as critical for finding our way through life as they are unavoidable.” We will see how experiences of life through the “dark wood” are actually clues to our “calling” or “life path.” How can the struggles of life be the seedbed of spiritual awakening to the fullness of life?
“God Bless Us Every One: The Redemption of Scrooge”
The chimes of the clock-tower bells in Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol” provide a wake-up call for Ebenezer Scrooge and turn him from his resentment, fear and isolation. Just as God’s presence was born anew into this world, we too can be born anew, woken up and redeemed into renewed life, joy, passion, generosity, humility and love.