Friendship Meals is in need of people to help serve
and clean up. Mondays and Fridays, between 10-1,
the need is particularly great. Friendship Meals is
facing the real possibility of closing if volunteers are
not found. People eat both at the Senior Center and
have meals delivered to their homes.
Vacation Bible School
July 23-27, 6:15-8:30 p.m.
Crew leaders: serve as guides throughout the evening.
Nursery Leaders: Care for the children in the nursery
Photographer. KidVid Cinema leader: shows a short
video and leads a discussion.
Assistant to the amazing recreation leader, Vanessa Sawyer.
Helpers: Assist leaders
There is a job for everyone! Contact Gwen Stalcup or Terri Campbell, VBS Directors.
Sign up and Registration forms are in the overflow!
SMI Sponsorship
SMI has a goal of having 10 kids sponsored by the end
of June! If you would like to help these awesome kids go
to the link below. (Mikala can send you pictures and videos of kids!)
PreK-Elementary Summer Sunday School presents…
McGee and Me video series
Children in grades PreK-5 are invited to experience “McGee and Me!” each Sunday this
summer during the Sunday school hour, 10-10:50. Pre-K children will meet in their classroom
on the first floor for playtime before going to the basement for movie time. K-5 will
go to the basement for centers before the movie begins!
Teachers this summer are Gwen and Bill Stalcup, Marsha Fraas, Jennifer Worley, and
Kitchel and Lauren Scheufler.
Meals on Wheels for Kids
Team Leader: Mary Meeker
This summer the church will sponsor a project to deliver lunches to children
who generally depend on school lunches. Sack lunches will be
delivered each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The middle school will once again provide the manpower for Wednesdays throughout June and July.
Volunteers are needed. Sign up to prepare, drive or run meals to the door.
Drivers and runners are needed.
A sign up chart is available this morning in the overflow.
Donations are gratefully accepted.